Bettina Solis

Certified TESOL and TEFL Professional

About Me


My name is Bettina, but students call me Tins. I have been teaching English online since 2014. I help students to build their confidence and speak comfortably in English. I want you to have Practical Conversational English learning that you can use every day. 

We will be working together as a team. You got to HELP ME HELP YOU.


I will share my knowledge and expertise as a TESOL and TEFL Professional so you can achieve that level of English that you can be happy and comfortable in.


You will need to work closely with me as we kick off your English Journey together making you hone your Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening skills. 


We will practice together and I will give you my honest feedback about your performance and weekly or monthly progress making you have that CONFIDENCE back and won't make you feel INTIMIDATED again.


To learn more about my courses you can check out my website at


I can't wait to see you in class!