Ronalyn N Catangal

Manila Philippines

About Me

Hello! Do I look Familiar? well maybe i will be your next best teacher.  by the way I'm Teacher Aly 25 years old, Im a hardworking, loving,cheerful,respectful and also a happy person 

I am a TOEFL and Tesol Certified Teacher and I have been teaching English for almost 3 years both offline and online class from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance students. 
Teaching is My Passion, because it gives me the ability to share the skills and knowledge that I have.    I believe in my strong communication between me and My students and encourage to express the ideas verbally and through writing.

 If you are having a hard time with your English skills including the Speaking, Understanding, Writing and Listening don't worry, I will help you and teach you in a nice, interesting and friendly way. i hope we share a lot of things in my Class,see you.

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